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This is a blog dedicated to help every modern explorer know what to do in London, the United Kingdom, and Europe!

Traveling is a great opportunity to live your freest life and be whoever you want, to meet new people, learn new languages, cultures, ways of living…to taste different flavours in the countries’ different dishes…endless activities, options and things to do!

A London – centred blog like this will be filled with praise words because this city captures you with its magic.

The very first moment you put your feet on it you’ll be marvelled and start feeling like what you see it’s not everything, because with London, it’s never everything but more, always more.

From its beautiful summer, with the fresh smell on the air, the bloom of colourful flowers, to the incredibly aesthetic winter, with its classic rainy days, London is a wonder.

A cosmopolitan city, the beacon for the most diverse lot of people, cultures, races, societies, religions, preferences, life styles.

Maybe that’s why there’s something for everyone. Restaurants that offer food from all over the globe, pubs, social activities, schools, anything that reminds you where you came from, even for a little while, and an opportunity to share your culture with the world.

London has more secrets than you could ever imagine. You may be walking one day, using google maps or City Map to get somewhere,…

…turning where it tells you to, not going through the main streets and…

…suddenly meeting a more picturesque and old London, seeing a BANKSY, or any other example of street art.

It has many things to see, from street performances and new rising talents, to theatre plays that recall to shakespearean times and musicals that touch your inner disney child. Castles, history everywhere.

This city and this country is where incredible novelists started, where they got their inspirations for their books and where they created magic world.

Think about Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), or Lord of the flies (William Golding), The Chronicles of Narnia (C.S.S Lewis), the famous Harry Potter (J.K Rowling) and more.

So, if you are ready to accept the magic in your heart and the adventure in your soul, welcome, grab your cup of your favourite english tea and enter the Tardis, because everything around here is 

“bigger on the inside”

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