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The Pandora box of free tours

If you’re visiting any city in Europe, no matter the language you speak, you’ll find the right free tour that suits you the most! Are you a Spanish speaker? They’re also offered in this language!

Did I say the magic word? F R E E? YES! These tours are managed by “Strawberry Tours” and they’re all around the globe, for our case, we’re lucky they’re in the United Kingdom, and London too! The only thing you must do in advance, is check on their web page (if you don’t have their schedules in physical), look for the tour of your preference and see at what time is it and where is the meeting point. Don’t forget to book in advance too (again, totally free).

It’s easy to find them once you’re there, because they’ve a red umbrella (like the one in their logo). You approach to one of them (because normally for different tours, the guides are at the same meeting point) and ask about your tour.

You’ll have to fill a basic form with your personal information, so they keep track of how many people they’re traveling with. In case you want to, for example, at the middle of the walking tour, to go somewhere else and stop following the guide, and therefore, the group, you MUST tell your guide about it, so they know how many people are staying in the tour and not be afraid someone got lost.

The guides are freelance

which means they’re independent tour guides. However, they’re friendly and willing to answer any of your curiosities and questions.

It’s deeply advisable that you’re prepared with a suitable outfit to walk a lot, like a good pair of trainers, plus depending on the weather and season, you may also need:

For summer

>> An umbrella or a hat (to block the sun), sun cream, sunglasses, fresh clothes, and similar.

For winter

>> An umbrella for the rain or snow is something you mustn’t forget, a pair of boots or shoes suitable for not only walking but also for the rain/snow (typical London weather during this season). Don’t forget a good coat or jacket for the wind and coldness, plus a scarf and gloves.

At the end, they always ask for you to give what you think “the tour was worth”, meaning, your personal contribution of pounds, can be from 5 pounds to 15 pounds, whatever you kindly want to give. Part of this “donations” or tips go to a charity they support, nowadays, they’re working alongside “Spitalfields Crypt Trust’, which is a local charity that help people in London who are facing problems of homelessness, alcohol, drugs, poverty or social isolation.


Harry Potter soundtrack

I highly recommend you the “Harry Potter free tour”, if you’re a wizard or muggle interested in the Magic World. You get a quick glimpse of the places that inspired J.K. Rowling to create, for example, the “Knockturn Alley” (that also helped the movies’ crew to recreate that world), or the exact same places that were used during the films shooting (for example, in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Fenix” – 5th movie – where Harry and Mr. Weasley used the muggle entry to the Ministry of Magic), etc.

Something I want to remark is that, despite the horrible rainy weather we had when me and my friends did this Harry Potter tour, our tour guide never stopped smiling and making us participate and interact, she was extremely positive and kind, and never stopped the tour either. She divided us into Hogwarts’s four houses and asked us questions from time to time, and depending on them, you could accumulate points for your house!

Palace Theater

Although it was extremely tiring and seemed too short and like, especially if you are a Harry Potter fan, expected more, it’s something you shouldn’t miss. Try organising your time and do as many free tours as you can, because they’re an incredible way to get to know the city where you’re, in this case, London, get to know little alleys you would otherwise ignore, walk around the famous London places you always see on films or TV shows, etc.

Here are all the tours they offer on London! Pick your favourite! Or pick all!

If you can, don’t miss this opportunity!

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