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Sherlock Holmes is a character that will never die and will forever be remembered by each generation, especially considering from time to time you’ve movies and TV series adaptations, whether they’re set in the modern days or in the Victorian era. Sherlock’s adventures and his friendship with doctor Watson are classics and part of us, maybe that’s why we’re still interested and want more of them. We wonder how can a man be so intelligent and worry about his closest friends but sometimes seems without a heart. His mysterious aura is great part of his charm, and of course, his looks in most recent adaptations (looking at you Robert and Benedict…)

Read along and discover the highlight places that every sherlocked must visit when in London and in the UK! There’s no specific order, just walk our favourite detective steps!

Sherlock Holmes Statue (outside Baker Street station)

This tall Sherlock was made by the sculptor John Doubleday and is right outside the Baker Street station.

In winter, you’ve a beautiful view with two twin buildings in front of you and when looking at the detective’s statue, it shines with the sunlight.

You can’t miss taking a photo or a selfie with it as you make your way towards 221b!!





Sherlock Holmes Museum (221b Baker Street)

This is the famous 221b of which we’ve heard a lot. When you stand in front of it, on the opposite side of the road you get the feeling “this is the same place where tons of people got their inspiration, where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle decided to move Sherlock…”

You need to buy a ticket to enter, so just go inside the gift shop next to the museum and be sure to get yours as soon as you can (15 pounds for adults, 10 pounds for children under 16).

Making the line (sometimes really long) it’s worth it, as once inside, you travel back in time to a Victorian era house, from the stairs (that get narrower and steeper each time) to every single detail and decoration. It has 3 floors, and you’ll enjoy being there, taking the time you need, the photos you wish and asking as many questions as you’d like to the staff around who are dressed as if those times.

If I could personally choose one room that I most liked was the main living room, where you can see both Sherlock and Watson’s sofas as well as their hats, and other objects they used. It’s a beautifully well designed and thought room. Nevertheless, Sherlock’s bedroom was also aesthetic and got you an insight on how he was, because bedrooms are something personal for each individual and it shows you things about them you otherwise may not realise.

After coming out of Sherlock’s house which he shared with his best friend John Watson, don’t forget to visit the gift shop again and admire everything they have there! There’re so many cute and incredible things you can buy! But hold your desires, if you’re a hardcore Sherlock fan, you may get a bit crazy and spend lots of money. However, buy what you most like and what makes you happy.

Before you go, make your you take a photo with the guard at the entrance of the museum, they’re always so kind and willing to take as many photos as you like!

The Sherlock Holmes Pub

(10-11 Northumberland Street, London WC2N 5DB)

It’s a replica of the Baker Street sitting room and incredibly, was given the blessing of the Conan Doyle estate.

On the second floor, there’s an intimate roof garden/restaurant, from where you’re able to see the sitting room below.

Saint Woollos Cemetery, Newpor

(48 Bassaleg Rd, Newport NP20 3PY, UK)

How can we forget the scene that nearly got us to believe the great Sherlock Holmes was dead and made us cry like babies? A beautiful heart-breaking scene Martin Freeman gifted us with.

Trafalgar Square

This is one of the many locations used during the BBC show “Sherlock”. It’s a place easy to recognise, take photos and enjoy doing other activities near it (ex. Eating or going to a museum).

St. Bartholomew’s Hospital

(West Smithfield, London EC1A 7BE)

by FangirlQuest
by FangirlQuest

Especially if you’re a keen fan of the BBC show, you’ll need to visit St. Bart’s, as it’s a recurrent location and always being mentioned during the four seasons. Moreover, it too was mentioned in the books, as this is where Conan Doyle’s “A Study in Scarlet” John & Sherlock’s first meeting occurred (as well as in the show).

It’s also relevant and important for the BBC show as it’s from here that Sherlock jumps from the roof after talking with Moriarty and seeing him kill himself. It’s an iconic moment that hurt incredibly for those who had to wait the long 2 years until finally getting to know the truth on how he survived.

by FangirlQuest

Speedy’s and BBC Sherlock’s 221b Baker Street

(187 North Gower Street, Camden, London, NW1 2NJ)

Famous for its recurrent apparitions on the show, “Speedy’s” is visited by Sherlock fans since the series aired and it had continued to grow thanks to it. A location itself, as well as the door next to it (the one they used to be their department main door), once you enter you’ll be able to feel this excitement of being somehow close to the show you love so much. It’s a rather small place to be honest, and the tables are mostly for two people.

They’ve displayed delicious sandwiches but you can also order full course meals, and a various of drinks (hot and cold). I wasn’t expecting much from the place, so when I ordered and my food arrived (thought the grey English tea arrived first), I was positively surprised: the taste was incredible, the chicken juicy.

The whole meal is more than enough, and for the short budget of a university student or tourist, the price is affordable and totally worth it.

Irene Adler’s House

(44 Eaton Square, Belgravia, London SW1W 9BD)

The Woman’s house location for the BBC show, a great episode in season two, great acting and compositions. It’s surrounded by several historic blue houses, in a residential and expensive street. Perfect place for Irene to live.

St. Mary Magdalene Church (Bristol)

(Mariners Dr, Bristol BS9 1QJ, UK)

How to forget this episode, where John Watson got married! Besides he keeps working alongside Sherlock, things are never the same after a marriage, it’s what people say but they showed us their friendship only became stronger.

Used in episode 2 – season 3, this location was a beautiful and aesthetic place that made possible great lighting and compositions in the scene there.

Cardiff Castle

(Castle St, Cardiff CF10 3RB, UK)

An unforgettable scene and an amazing work of Andrew Scott, this is where they recreated “The Crown Jewels” scene where Moriarty wrote “Get Sherlock”, used the crown jewels, sat on the royal chair and waited for the police as part of his plan.

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