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A journey to the TATE Museum

Read every word carefully, as I don’t want you get lost in this walk, getting near every step to the famous TATE Museum.

Firstly, if you are near Holborn or Covent Garden, please you must consider visiting “Homeslice” Neal’s yard, in Seven Dials. It’s an Italian food (pizzeria) restaurant! Even better, it’s vegetarian friendly! The prices are also reasonable and worth every pound you spend as the pizza is wondesrfully tasty 💖 

The pros about this pizza:

– It’s artisanal, which means it’s not as greasy as others.

– You can choose two flavours for your pizza, and devide it in half

– For people with a delicate stomach or with lactose intolerance, this pizza would not cause the same effect as the others (fastfood), so you would feel lighter too.

The downside of this restaurant is that, as it’s really well known, you need to arrive earlier than 12pm to secure your table, as arriving later, for example around 1 or 2pm will mean you’ll have to wait some minutes, and most surely, share your table with strangers (which may be a negative aspect for some people too).

After this, outside the restaurant, in the alley, there’s a beautiful example of London’s famous street art: Lady Diana, made my the artist “Bambi”. It’s an incredibly good photo spot, perfect for some Instagram shots.

To arrive at the museum, you can choose between:

– The underground train (take the central line on Holborn station after walking for 10 minutes, then two stops until St. Paul’s, walk and cross the “Millenium Bridge” and you’ll see the museum on the other end).

– Or take any bus that’s available for you (please check City Map or Goggle Maps previously) up until St. Paul’s and also walk and cross the bridge until you arrive to the TATE.

Please enjoy taking photos on the bridge and outside the museum. Also, enjoy the street music, which it’s one of the many beauties London offers.

Once inside the museum, it’s gonna be a bit crowded depending on the time of the day and of the year you go. However, it’ll get better when everyone starts going to where they want.

The paintings and sculptures are going to be more than what any of you expected, moreover for modern art lovers. For them, the museum will be like visiting what they’ve always wanted, probably one of their favourite places. Personally, I’m not one of them, however, I really like Andy Warhol, and seeing his works in reality was something I never expected nor dreamt of.

Take your time around the museum. When you finish, make sure you visit the gift shop and see if there’s anything you’d like to buy.

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